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*Why education is very important ?*

Education is the systematic process of improving learning, knowledge, skill, and understanding about anything at school, college, university, or other educational institutes, which gives us an enlightening experience.Realizing the significance of early education in a child’s life, and also in the future growth prospects of a nation, many countries across the globe have mandated primary education for their children. Education forms a distinct line of separation between man and other creatures, making man the smartest animal on Earth. It empowers and readies us to face the challenges of life more efficiently.

*Our Process*



The primary stage would cover children in classes I to V. we felt that at the primary stage the child’s spontaneity, curiosity, creativity and activity should not be restricted by a rigid and unattractive method of teaching and environment for learning



The middle stage is to consist of classes VI to VIII. At this stage children adjustment problems in the family as well as in society. we felt that the curriculum for this age group should take into account the social demands especially in the case of girls.


Lower Secondary

This stage consisting of classes IX and X is the terminal stage of 10 years of general education. At this age emphasis is given on work experience, and this is the time when skills and attitudes should be brought to a satisfactory development.